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 Anarchy Online Beginner's Guide

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PostSubject: Anarchy Online Beginner's Guide   Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:24 pm

Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to Anarchy Online! Here you will find endless opportunities to immerse yourself in game play.  Whether you’re a casual game player, a hard core 24/7 zealot, or the wizard-and-robe style gamer, there‘s a place on Rubi-ka for you.

Starting any game can be daunting, but a game that’s been around since 2001 can be down right overwhelming. Fear not, this guide will hopefully take the omfg, wth, and ARGS!!!out of your beginning experience.

So, where do we begin our little jaunt toward uberness?  I have no clue.  However, I can guide you in the direction of understanding the basics and help you on your path to uberness.

Let’s begin with the basics.


Here is where you can change your resolution, texture quality, texture depth, skin, and font. The settings option can be found on the log in screen right above the cancel button.

Preferences, Fixed keys, and Key bindings

These are found by pressing f10. Preferences are organized into five categories: Audio, Environment, Visual, GUI, and Behavior.  Each of these categories are further subdivide offering you multiple customization options.  

The fixed keys are found under the second tab called oddly enough, Fixed keys and are organized in three categories:  Chat, Targeting, and Camera keys 3rd person.

The third tab called Key bindings is where you can alter the hot keys to the key of your choice.

To do so select the function you wish to change by clicking upon it, then selecting the 'change' button found at the bottom of the dialog box. When you do this, another dialog box appears asking you to press the key combination you want to bind to the action. Select your key choice and press the 'Ok' button.

Changes made to the preferences and key bindings are instantaneous hence no need to log off. So just play around until you find what works best for you.


One of the better guides out there is this one:

AO Universe’s Basic GUI guide


AO Universe’s Basic Chat Guide

No need to reinvent the wheel.   Very Happy  


As of this writing there are two areas where new players begin their journey: Shuttle Island and Shadowlands.

Guides for Shuttle Island start up:

AO Universe’s ICC Shuttleport Island Guide

Anarchy Online Fixerspy’s  Ultimate Noob Island Guide

Wikia’s ICC Shuttleport Guide

Guides for Shadowlands Startup:

zomg! There are no guides?!? All right I'll wright one soon (TM)

Soon has arrived!  SL Beginners Guide

Progression  220/30/70

At this writing a toon can achieve 220 levels with the last 20 accomplished only in Shadowlands. 30 levels can be made from Alien Invasions. Seventy are gained by completing research and require Lost Eden.

Common Questions:

Any questions you have, and some you didn't even know you had can be found here:

Anarchy Online Manual

Trust me, it's worth the read.  I love you

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Anarchy Online Beginner's Guide
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